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Jesse David Harris


JESSE DAVID HARRIS | Jesse joins us as a BADASS guest artist and opens up about being inspired by the tension between asymmetry and symmetry; the heroic silhouettes of architecture and spontaneous human moments; the texture and patterns inherently found in nature.  His images and films find the geometry and the narrative in the lives of people, objects and places.

Jesse who is the Lever House Art Collection Staff Photographer, continues to explore one of his favorite themes; the lives of artists and the creative interplay of the work and the observer. His contributions into film include: a short black and white film about the World Trade Center, “10 WHEELS”, a documentary debut last year; “LAND MIND BY PAULA HAYES - The Making Of” [nomination for Best Short Documentary at the New York City International Film Festival] and just-completed documentary, “UNDERNEATH THE PARAMOUNT HOTEL: THE DIAMOND HORSESHOE STORY” [accepted to the New York City International Film Festival].  The film reveals the hidden jewel of New York City and recounts the untold story of the most famous nightclub in history: Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe.

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