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 Toshiba Digital Camera



MIN ENGHAUSER | Min started photographing at an early age, becoming aware through the images she captured, and catching “glimpses of timeless Spirits—the pure, unbiased realities of nature.”  Having graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from Shepherd College (located in Shepherdstown, WV) in 1992, her photographic work features landscapes and environments presented as powerful singular photographs and as combined photographs she calls "Tychs." All her images are captured with traditional film and crafted through high fidelity analogue to digital conversions. In addition, Min is a digital photographic specialist, master printer and retouching BADASS. In 2006 she was juried into the notable Torpedo Art Factory in Alexandria, VA, where her studio is currently located.  Some of her projects include “Tychs,” “The Nature of Things,” “Desert Dwell,” and “Concretions.” According to Enghauser, “The eye of the camera, unlike the eye of the viewer does not look at life subjectively, no judgment is passed […] When I photograph I try to detach.”  In this regard, her work reveals the true, unparalleled forms of nature, its texture, and its symmetry.

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[photo of Min by Dave Himmerich]